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The Services We Provide

Practical Legal Solutions

A patent may be obtained for a new, useful, and non-obvious invention. A registered patent is generally for a term of 20 years, allowing the inventor the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, protect, and profit from his or her invention. The process for filing and obtaining a patent is a long and arduous one. Our firm helps our clients by drafting and prosecuting utility patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the fields of computer science, mechanics, automotive, construction, and health care. We also handle PCT applications through the WIPO for obtaining international patent protection, as well as provisional applications and design patents, licensing, and infringement issues.


A registered trademark gives protection to your business’s brand and allows the owner to prevent others from confusing consumers as to the particular source of goods and services. This benefits businesses who care about their reputation, image, and goodwill with the public. Trademarks may be words, images (logo), a sound, color, or even a scent. Trademark protection can be obtained under state law by registering with the State of Florida Division of Corporations, or nationally by filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our firm handles all trademark applications, licensing and infringement matters.


Copyright law protects works of art, including: literary works; musical works; dramatic works; pantomimes and choreographic works; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; motion pictures and other audiovisual works; sound recordings; and architectural works. Copyright gives the author or artist the exclusive right to make and sell copies of their original work, the right to create derivative works, and the right to display or perform their work publicly. Our firm handles all copyright application and infringement matters.


One of the most stressful times in a families life is deadling with the loss of a loved one, and the property that they leave behind. Whether or not your loved one has a Will or even a Trust, sometimes Probate court is unavoidable to properly transfer property or resolve inheritance disputes. Our office takes the burden off of your family and makes the process of dealing with the estate of your loved one as painless as possible.


Our office has experience representing both adults and minors with handling Guardianship matters. Being declared incompetent and having rights removed can be devastating. We work to help individuals and families with the many issues that arise in Guardianship cases.

Estate Planning

We can help you create an estate plan that will put your mind at ease and assure you that you and your property will be taken care of in the event of your incapacity or death, the way you want things to be handled, and not how Uncle Sam says so. Our firm has experience drafting revocable and irrevocable Trusts, Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogate documents, Pre-need Guardianship forms, even Pet Trusts.

Civil Claims

The Law Office of Adam B. Portnow, P.L., is licensed to practice in all Florida state courts, as well as the Northern, Middle, and Southern District Courts of Florida for federal claims. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, our law office can help you navigate the deceptively nuanced world of Florida Landlord Tenant law, avoiding prolonged disputes and resolving conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Small Business

Most of our clients are small businesses with diverse and unique needs. As a small business ourselves, The Law Office of Adam B. Portnow, P.L. has a passion for helping other local small businesses succeed. We handle everything from new business formation, operating agreements and corporate documents, business contracts, and business dispute resolution.